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Fiskars Functional Form - Cook's Knife - 20cm
 Fiskars Functional Form - Cook's Knife - 20cm

*Fiskars Functional Form - Cook's Knife - 20cm*
Fiskars Functional Form knives are one of the most famous and the most preferred Fiskars products. These kitchen attributes have been developed to make everyday cooking even more convenient and safe. The knives are created with a special focus on ergonomic shape of knife handles, which gives you the best working position and contemporary appearance. The Functional Form knives are absolutely functional and safe. The features as Softouch®-handle with a finger stop makes the grip of the knife more comfortable and secure. The handle is injection-moulded directly onto blade that ensures durable and hygienic joint. Red Dot design of the knives was awarded for its distinctive style in 2006. Fiskars Functional Form range was designed by Tobias Wandrup and Erik Thoro Lauridsen. Fiskars Functional Form cook's knife, 20 cm or traditional kitchen knife with high blade is suitable for chopping vegetables and cutting meat. The cook's knife is an all-purpose knife with a curved blade that allows a cook to rock the knife on the cutting board and make more precise and accurate cuts. The broad and heavy blade is also used for chopping bone. The length of the blade is 20 cm and its hardness is HRC 53. The blade has an excellent cutting edge, and is easy to keep sharp using either a Fiskars Roll-Sharp sharpener or a sharpening steel. The weight of the knife is 103g. This kitchen attribute will serve you for a long time as it is made out of high quality Japanese stainless steel. Ergonomically shaped handles with non-slip Softouch®-surface makes the knife pleasant to hold and safely to work. Fiskars Functional Form cook's knife is dishwasher friendly but we kindly suggest to wash manually and dry after you washed it.
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Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Wednesday 27 February, 2013.
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