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* Scorpion *


The Scorpion follows ThruNite design philosophy of strong, intuitive, and reliable lights One-inch body easily adapted for weapon mounting Uses the newest, top of the line LED from Cree Super throw and good flood for tactical and law enforcement applications Smooth reflector optimized for the LED Useful range of over 200 meters Conforms to IPX-8 standard: 1.5 meter, 30 minutes Features The ThruNite Scorpion's versatile modes of output are easily accessible by simply rotating the ring in the tailcap. All 5 stages are completely silent, allowing for mode selection without detection, ideal for tactical situations. Twisting the ring on the tailcap from left to right gives you the following modes: Lock out, infinite brightness from 5-89%,firefly mode, and momentary strobe, momentary on (max), respectively. Generous knurling throughout the surface of the entire light ensures good grip when you most need it. Removable grip ring, clip, and crenellated stainless steel strike bezel for different applications There are two springs on the head and tail cap for shock damping– This light is ready to be weapon mounted. A tactical 'clicky' switch is fully exposed in the tailcap for easy access, even when wearing gloves. Specifications Cree XM-L (T6) LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours Uses 2 x 3V CR123A batteries (Lithium) or one 18650 rechargeable battery (Li-ion) 164mm (Length) x 25mm (Diameter) x 35mm (Head) 5.4oz weight (without batteries) The Max current is 3A for 1 minutes and then low to 2.5A. this is for police and military or tactical applications. Reverse polarity protection , to protect from improper battery installation Battery low indication system. when battery voltage low to 2.8v. it will flash to mention the battery is low. Tail cap twist ring for five different stage application respectively as lock out; Infinite brightness with memory ;Firefly; Momentary strobe. Momentary on; Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating Removable clips Removable crenellated SS bezel Smooth reflector (30mm diameter; 24mm depth) gives perfect beam and very good throw. Max output:750 lumens for XM-L T6 (2.9A LED current) Typical Output and Runtimes Infinite brightness: variable depending on setting and battery capacity. Max output: 750 OFT lumens Firefly mode: 0.2 lumens, 605 Hours with 2 Cr123A batteries Max output:750 OFT lumens for 1 minutes and switch 89% when using2CR123A (65 Minutes low to 20% Output) Strobe (10hz, 750lumens): 2.5hours Operation The Scorpion features a unique five stage UI with a twist ring on the tail cap. The ring rotates from left to right for the following modes: .Lock out, Infinite brightness; Firefly, momentary strobe and momentary, . Lock Out: Prevents accidental activation of the light. This is important when storing or transporting the light, or, in situations where accidental activation of a light can be dangerous. Infinite brightness mode: Customize the brightness you want. Press the click and hold, the light will start to ramp in brightness, choose the brightness you want and then release, the light will memorize the setting. It will retain this setting for future use on this mode. When the light ramp in the brightness., it will mention at 89% output and 8% output by blink twice. when you press and hold on it will ramp up.and switch on again Firefly mode: This mode was specifically designed with the tactical user in mind. It is a very low 0.2 lumens which is perfect for stealth navigation and for map reading without excessive glare to the user. Momentary strobe: This is for tactical applications as well. Press and hold for on, release for off. Momentary strobe: This is for tactical applications as well. Press and hold for on, release for off. Momentary function: this is for tactical application where you need short bursts of light. Just hold down the switch for on, release it for off. This mode will always give the max output. Updated details as below: 1: We drive it to 3A at max output with 2 CR123A batteries. So output exceeds regulated 750 OFT lumens for 1 minute. Then the circuit lowers output to 89%(about 2.6A) to prevent the 2 CR123A batteries from damage because the high discharge current. We are sure it is the brightest flashlight in this class today. At 1 18650 battery it can get MAX 660 OFT lumens. 2: Different UI : We changed the sequence to Lock out, Infinite Brightness, Firefly, Momentary Strobe and Momentary On. We get many emails from users and military or tactical unit. They asked for this sequence and now that's what they are looking for! 3: We replaced the linear brightness ramping to Logarithmic one. Now it looks virtually linear and smooth to eye, very comfortable and native to set. Ramping time is shorter also. Much more convenient. And we added ramping reverse function, that means when you miss the right brightness when going up, you just swich it on again, and it will come back down. Unnecessary to wait for the whole cycle. The infinite brightness varies from 5%-89% (150MA-2.6A), that's good for most applications for various brightness. 4: For Momentary On and Momentary Strobe, we drive it to 3A to get the max output. So it can get max 750 OFT lumens. That's perfect for tactical or law enforce applications. 5:We've changed current regulation from PWM to Current Control. So it will not flicker and no PWM can be seen even at very low stage.

*price 129$

* status:in stock

* Shipping 4.5$ (7 working days )

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