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Product Description
The highland warriors of Scotland’s distant past carried a small yet lethal knife with a distinctively carved wooden handle. It was called the Skean Dhu (which means “Black Knife” in Gaelic, the ancient language of the British Isles). Typically, a kilt clad warrior carried it covertly on his person or wedged in his stocking top.
Cold Steel’s latest version of this romantic and historically significant knife is called The Brave Heart.™ Designed by Lynn C. Thompson, it is a small, compact, multi-purpose knife, that will serve admirably as an hunting or utility knife or as an alternative to a double edge boot knife. The thin, needle sharp tip is ideally suited for piercing, and the precision taper ground blade has been honed by hand to razor sharpness. The traditional jimping on the blade spine is both ornamental and functional, providing an aggressive non-slip platform for the thumb or forefinger to bear downward as needed for maximum control.
The compact Kraton® handle is designed to accommodate a wide variety of comfortable and secure grip positions, and its slim, flat cross section insures that it will resist turning or twisting in the hand. Kraton,® is a superior handle material that Cold Steel has employed for decades because its robust traction and resiliency allows it to withstand the shock of even the hardest blows.
The Brave Heart™ comes with a lightweight yet sturdy Secure-Ex® sheath that’s been specially designed for an inconspicuous presence. It comes with a detachable boot/belt clip and lashing slots so you can wear or carry it everywhere you go.
Weight: 2.8 oz.
Blade: 4"
Thick: 2.8mm
Overall: 7 3/4"
Handle: Kraton®
Sheath: Secure-Ex®
Steel: AUS 8A Stainless

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